5 Reasons To Add An LED Mask To Your Beauty Routine

5 Reasons To Add An LED Mask To Your Beauty Routine

Who is your worst enemy - Acne, dull skin, wrinkles or blemishes?

Because with an LED Mask, starts the countdown to their ultimate demise!

LED Mask and flawless skin is a marriage made in heaven! Gentle, painless, handsfree, and super cool, there are many reasons for these beauty gadgets to fly off the shelves like a breeze. But most importantly, what many are unaware of is that Light Therapy isn’t really the latest find. Many ancient civilizations including Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Indian, have been using sunlight (heliotherapy) for its health benefits. And what we see today as LED Masks is nothing but a gadget combining those very benefits into a convenient and much safer beauty enhancer device.

So in case you are looking for what a LED Mask can do for your skin, better ask what it can’t. And if you are just skeptical of its effectiveness, read here. Otherwise, go through the following five reasons that will make you add LED Mask to your beauty kit right away.

#1 - It's all Science, No Fiction

One major reason that you must trust the process is the science behind it. LED Mask use lights of different wavelengths and hence colors. Wherein, each wavelength/color has different penetrability and thus treats different skin issues. When using LED light therapy mask, your skin will use the lights energy as ammunition to renew the damaged skin cells and accelerate the skins natural healing process. For instance, if you have acne, the LED light will kill the acne-causing bacteria and generate new skin cells to replace the damaged ones.

Mello Beauty LED Face Mask

#2 - Checks all boxes with Flying Colors

Yes, though figuratively! LED Mask comes with different LED Lights and each light has a distinct benefit for the skin. (Do note that not all devices have all the color lights available.) For instance, the Mello Beauty light therapy mask comes with 7 color lights. Each with the following benefits.

Purple: The color of royalty, purple light brilliantly enhances your skin’s capability of cell regeneration.

Blue: As cool as it is, Blue light is an acne, blackheads, and whiteheads killer. And to add to your smiling face, it whitens your teeth as well.

Cyan: Cyan can soothe your skin like no one else, especially if you have an irritant skin. It also diminishes the appearance of swollen capillaries.

Green: Need an even skin tone? LED Mask Green light therapy will give you the right signals, as it tones down the production of Melanin in your skin.

Yellow: the bright and cheerful yellow light treats and reduces redness caused by sunburns and other skin inflammations.

Orange: Orange light adds luster and sheen to even the dullest of skin.

Red: The Red is an alert for the aging skin to halt its pace, as it increases the production of collagen (a skin protein). So it's the concoction for anti-wrinkle, smooth skin.

Infrared: Is the extra bold light for treated the skin imperfections by its extra deep penetration.

#3 - Super Safe on Skin

Using LED Mask is super safe and comfortable on the skin. This is because the light from the LED therapy masks, is of longer wavelength, which is ideal to repair cells rather than destroy them. Since it is free of the harmful UV rays, you can feel free to use it on a regular basis. Besides, it is completely noninvasive and thus much safer than other treatments like chemical peels and dermabrasions. A point of caution though is to not use LED Mask over broken or infected skin as it might be harmful. And also if you face rashes or inflammation, consult a specialist.

led mask

#4 - It’s Convenience at its Best

LED Mask is a convenience filled package. It is easy to use, carry and store. It takes only around 20 minutes for a session. And you decrease its application duration from one week in the beginning to once a month gradually. Though you have to be consistent to see as well as maintain its results. Moreover, you don’t have to schedule any appointments or travel to clinics. And not to forget, you can carry it along anywhere, thanks to its handy size and weight.

#5 - Better than Salons

Using LED Mask at home is far better than hefty treatments at the salons. Most use-at-home LED light therapy masks are medically safe (check that while buying). And also give around similar results. Furthermore, cost saving will be an additional perk as a LED Mask is a one-time investment, and you are good to go for a long time period.

!! - But from where to get the best LED Mask?

The only thing to take care of using LED Mask at home is to find the best light therapy mask. And with a plethora of these masks available in the market and online, your dilemma to choose one is quite understandable. So to suggest you the best, try Mello Beauty’s LED Light Therapy Mask. It's an all in one solution to multiple skin problems and stands true to all that light therapy has to offer. Moreover, its 100% UV free, and proven to treat even hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema, scars, stretch marks, etc. And bonus details - it's available in two gorgeous colors (white and golden), and the price is just wow!

So without much ado, just grab a LED Mask. It’s time to give yourself a treat!