5 Foods That Cause Skin Darkening

Flawless skin is no less than a common desire; almost everyone needs that healthy and radiant skin. Well, this might sound unreal to you, but the secret to your gorgeous skin depends a lot on what you consume daily. You are what you eat; that's a popular saying in the nutrition world. So, is it also true for the skin? Can diet impact your skin and affect the appearance of sunspots, melasma, or acne marks? All these are the questions that people who have hyperpigmentation issues ask. 

foods that can cause skin darkening

Skin is undoubtedly a transparent reflection of your health, so if your skin looks patchy, dry, flaky, or has black spots. It is time you need to pay heed to your health and diet. Moreover, if you are not sure which food is good for your skin and which are the foods that cause skin darkening, this blog post is for you. Some research has revealed a link between specific foods and skin health. However, understanding the science-backed logic behind such foods will help you maintain a healthy glow on your skin and keep the hyperpigmentation or skin darkening at bay. This guide will help you to select the right foods for your skin and which foods you need to give up right away. 

How Diet Affect The Skin Health?

Your skin is recognized as the largest organ in the body for a good purpose, as it wraps up all the rest of you. In addition, when you eat, a good amount of nutrients works towards nourishing your skin cells. This means if you consume low-nutrient foods, your skin will get low-nutrient sources for repair and growth. Likewise, high-nutrient foods are rich in zinc, vitamins, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and other essential supplements that supply your skin with high-quality sources to work with. Therefore, the answer is yes; diet definitely plays a pivotal role in the health of your skin. 

How Diet Affect The Skin Health

Which Food Causes Skin Darkening And Other Skin Problems?

Who doesn't like healthy, glowing skin? Everyone wants that glow from within. And, for this, it is crucial to take care of your skin. However, it has been discovered many times that even taking good care of skin, it sometimes appears darker. If something like this happens to you, then these are the five foods that might be responsible for this condition. Let's know about each food in detail.

1. Sugar

All sorts of sugary foods and treats such as candy, chocolate, cake, donuts, soda, ice cream, and energy drinks are responsible for causing various skin issues which result in the darkening of the skin. It is because sugar is present at the very top of a glycemic index, which means it is at the top of inflammatory food. Moreover, the sweetness of sugar makes your skin dark, as it increases the quantity of sugar in the blood, which further induces skin tissue collagen destruction. The balance of the skin reduces due to tissue damage. So avoid sugary foods as much as you can.

foods that cause skin darkening

2. White Bread

Many people like white bread more than brown bread. However, do you have any idea that this white bread is slightly reducing your fairness? White bread enhances the level of insulin, which boosts the production of oil in the skin and further darkens the skin. 

3. Spicy Food

Spicy foods generally raise your body's temperature and increase blood vessels that can trigger flare-ups and make your existing skin situation worse, which further might result in skin darkness. Besides, spicy foods also prove harmful to your health, so it's better to avoid eating them regularly.

How Diet Affect The Skin Health

4. Soy

Soy contains phytoestrogens which reflect the natural estrogen, making hormonal imbalances that cause skin problems. Moreover, estrogen is responsible for accelerating the structure of melanin in the skin by increasing the activity of tyrosinase, which leads to a darkening of pigmentation. 

5. Citric Fruits

Citric fruits contain mixtures that can make the skin more photo-sensitive. It has less quantity of fibers. Moreover, blood circulation reduces due to the high intake of citric juice because of which skin starts to change its color. Some study shows that people who consume lots of grapefruits or orange juices had a little higher risk of malignant melanoma. However, citrus is healthy food, but experts suggest that you never forget to apply your sunscreen after consuming it. 

Is Diet Alone Is Sufficient For Clear And Healthy Skin?

Diet is fantastic for the overall skin's health. But, if you need more desired results, you might need to incorporate topical treatments into your routine. If you start using the products according to your skin concerns or specific affected parts, you will get the required results quickly. It will also help to keep the surface of the skin healthy and prevent it from future problems. Below I have shared some tips to achieve healthy skin.

1. Develop healthy skincare habits

Always wear sunscreen no matter what. It will help to prevent skin darkness and pigmentation. Also, reapply it after two hours. Besides, incorporate hyaluronic acid or peptides-based cream in your skincare regime. Try 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer that will quench your thirsty skin and boost the hydration level. It also helps to prevent dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.


2. Pigmentation treatment

There are other methods like face acids that help to prevent skin darkening. It works by exfoliating and shedding the dead skin cells so that new cells generate and replace old ones. Include mild acids like vitamin C and Salicylic acid in your nighttime routine, apply it only once ot twice a week, and start with a lower percentage of acids. You can use Bright Beauty Peeling Pads that helps to reduce discoloration, promote a radiant complexion, and sweep away the impurities. 

skincare products

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