5 Benefits of Waxing The Peach Fuzz

5 Benefits Of Waxing Your Peach Fuzz

A face full of hair is usually an unwelcomed highlight for women. The peach fuzz can be an annoyance that could impact self-confidence. However, by waxing peach fuzz on face, you can reclaim your confidence, easily. These fuzzy little hair strands that spread across your face can make your foundation look weird and also might be a reason behind your serum’s ineffectiveness. So getting rid of these little devils can help your skincare products to get absorbed easily and your makeup sleeker. However, with a variety of different hair removal methods on the table, we know it can get confusing to navigate what's right for you. So here are a few benefits of waxing face: Benefits of waxing face with hard wax

But first what is peach fuzz?

Like the softness of the Peaches? It's all due to their small fine hairy texture. But when this similar fuzz appears on your face, it's a big NO! Peach fuzz is the fine and fuzzy hair that covers all your face. They are usually nice in texture and have a light colour. It is also known as vellus hair and is a common feature among females. Although the thickness of peach fuzz and its colour varies due to the skin texture and genes, getting rid of them is always a priority for all of us.

Peach fuzz hair removal options

Peach fuzz has always been an unwelcomed guest on our face as it makes you look dull and dark. However, there are many ways out there to help you say goodbye to these pesky friends. Here are a few top ones. Shaving: If you hate the "ouch" involved in the hair removal process then shaving is the correct path for you. In shaving your facial hair is removed with the help of a scalpel. Although it's a pain-free process it might create itchy bumps on your skin after a few days. And also, please don't mind the prickly stubble on your face. Threading: Threading is one of the oldest ways to remove your facial hair. In this process, every facial hair is pulled out from their roots. There is plenty of professional salons offering facial hair removal through the thread. However, if you are choosing thread for hair removal be prepared for a few screams and red patches. Waxing: It's yet another effective hair removal process for your skin. Waxing not only helps you to say goodbye to peach fuzz but it also aids in exfoliating your skin as well. Another benefit of waxing face is it takes away the peach fuzz from its roots and lessens your hair growth in the long term as well. While many are still questioning whether the process is painful, many new generational waxing products have been developed to produce lesser “ouch”. In addition to this, waxing will leave your skin smoother for weeks or months without any side-effects to worry about. Unlike shaving, this hair removal method removes hair from the roots without leaving blunt edges on your face as hair re-grows. While it's also less painful than threading. Peach fuzz waxing effects

Why Mello Wax?

With so many types of facial wax available, choosing one can be arduous and confusing all at the same time. So which one to use for peach fuzz waxing? Undoubtedly, Mello Wax is a great way to remove unwanted facial hair as it restricts hair from returning for several weeks or even months. This is an ideal hair removal treatment for people with sensitive skin and who are irritated with shaving or other hair removing products. Plus, Mello Wax features colourful beans that will add fun to your waxing experience along with giving waxing benefits to your face. Below, we highlight the benefits of waxing with Mello Wax: 1. No Unkempt Look Unlike shaving, waxing your face with Mello Wax removes hair shaft completely. It means your hair grows back naturally without making you look shaggy (who wants that?). It makes hair grow finer and slower, too. Besides, it offers clean and smoother results because hair is pulled out from the roots. 2. Long-Lasting Smoother Skin If you are looking to get long-lasting smooth and hair-free skin then waxing with Mello Wax is the right choice for you. It leaves your skin smoother and removes the dead skin cells along with a top dry layer of the skin, leaving your skin more silky smooth and shiny. 3. Less Hair Growth Regular waxing can reduce your hair growth substantially over some time. The more you wax, the less hair will grow back. This is due to waxing “damaging” the hair follicle and making your skin hair-free. Unlike shaving, you will see lesser hair reappearing each time you wax. 4. Exfoliation During waxing your skin also gets a gentle exfoliation, since along with your hair it also pulls out dead skin cells. This exfoliating effects of wax can make your skin look brighter and healthier. Hence, face waxes with a soft formula can aid your skincare routine which is yet another reason to try face waxing. 5. Greater Precision Waxing with Mello Wax gives you greater precision over shaving. As it can remove even the tiniest hair from roots. This means you will stay smoother for weeks. And with greater precision, your hair growth will be lesser and will grow back softer, sparser and weaker. 6. Cost Compared to other hair removal methods such as laser hair removal, Mello Wax is an effective and pocket-friendly way that offers long-lasting effects on the skin. If you know how to do it, you can save even more! When it comes to removing facial hair, waxing with our Mello Wax product is a proven method. It helps the skin appear beautiful and healthier. It is also considered as a popular treatment for facial hair removal. Moreover, it's one of the best wax for waxing at home. 6. Least side effects Mello wax has a skin-friendly formula which leaves your skin soft and shiny after waxing. Its delicate formula which keeps redness and rashes at bay. Also, the recovery rate from waxing with Mello wax is quicker than traditional threading or plucking.

How to prep your face before waxing?

Waxing in a face layered with foundation and concealers might do more harm than good. Therefore prepping your skin before waxing is a necessity to get the best benefits of :
  • Cleansing: Cleaning your face with a mild cleanser is a must before peach fuzz waxing. Since waxing open up your pores doing it on a dirty face might make the germs penetrate inside. And that’s the best way to invite acne!
  • Steaming: Steaming can make your “ouch” easier as it opens up your pores easily. Since steaming opens your pores temporarily it helps in the easier pulling of hair which makes hair removal a little less painful.
  • No retinol creams: Although retinol creams do wonders for your fine lines and wrinkles they make your skin susceptible to reactions as well. Hence avoiding retinol creams on the day of waxing might help in reducing the risks of reaction.
  • Toning: Applying a toner after peach fuzz waxing on the face will soothe its redness and give a cooling sensation as well. This feel-good product can aid in avoiding rashes as well.

Peach fuzz waxing options

To Sum Up... Waxing peach fuzz on face is a great solution to your beauty woes. Although waxing is a temporary treatment, many women still prefer this over other alternative hair removal treatments because of its benefits. A few benefits of face waxing are its convenience, ease, low upkeep cost, and long-lasting effects on the skin. So, whether you are looking for sensational smooth hairless skin or seeking to exfoliate your skin while waxing your face, you’re sure to find satisfaction when using Mello Wax!