5 Beauty Trends to pick from the New York Fashion Week AW21

This year New York Fashion Week AW21 was entirely different from the last year. Unfortunately, Pandemic happened, and we saw the Autumn / Winter 2021 collection with no audience and socially distanced models. However, the whole event was still as joyful and enthusiastic as it used to be earlier. The NYFW 21 gave us some natural, dewy, yet gorgeous beauty ideas.


Here's everything that you need to learn about the beauty trends spotted at New York Fashion Week AW21.

1.The trend of wearing bold black eyeliner

As the new trend is all about wearing face masks, which is a new normal in a post-pandemic world. This season is all about highlighting the eyes and keeping them fashionable. In the previous year, it was all about the neon pop of colours, while in 2021 NYFW, we saw models flaunting the bold, smudgy black eyeliner look on the lids. 

However, to carry this bold eyeliner look, you definitely need to cover those stubborn dark circles because no one likes showing their panda eyes over the mask.


Here is a solution for that, try to apply a sheer layer of concealer on your under-eye area and then apply black eyeliner to your lids; it will make your eye appear more bright.

2. Glowing skin and dewy makeup look

The pandemic was all about taking care of your skin at home and keeping it fresh and glowy. 

Similarly, the trend of glass skin has become popular in Vogue. In NYFW AW 2021, we have seen beautiful models with more natural and glowing makeup looks. The emphasis was laid more on their dewy, flawless skin that looks fresh and clean.



Likewise, In 2021 you need to level up your skincare regime as the bare face and dewy skin. To carry this look gracefully, you need to prep your skin first so that your face looks more radiant, fresh and clean; brightening Cream by Mello Beauty will help your skin look more even and bright. Moreover, it will provide intense moisturization to your skin.

3. Statement Hair Accessories are in 

Hair accessories are still in trend for AW 2021. This season many different types of hair accessories are in fashion; some are imitated from the 80s and 90s, some are new, like wide headbands, chunky clips, Embellished hair bands and white pearls hairpins.



This year New York Fashion Week 2021 displayed many hairstyles with statement hair accessories. Most of the models were seen flaunting their hair do’s with pearl hairpins and embellished hair bands. Pearls, no doubt, add a sophisticated touch of charm to various hair accessories. If you want to grace a simple look, you just need to add a little sparkle to your hair accessories, and you are good to go!

4. It’s all about Bold Lips now

Last year was all about just wearing lip balms and no lipstick. In 2021, we all are ready to rock bold pouts with a fresh makeup look. You can never be wrong with the bold lip, which is a work of art in itself. In NYFW AW 2021, we saw many models flaunting their bold lips with bare fresh makeup looks. 



Wearing a solid tone on your lips immediately enhances the features of your face, and it will make you look brighter and younger. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you should choose lipsticks in bright reds, plums, corals and fuchsia.

While wearing a bold lip, do not forget to pamper your skin a little extra so that your face looks more bright and firm. You can try Blemish Free Complex by Mello Beauty to provide you with a daily smoothing solution for enlarged pores, breakouts and shine. Your bold lips will automatically look more alluring.

5. Long Hairstyle with Fringes

This season AW 2021, simplicity rules the runway. New York fashion displayed many looks with different hairstyles, and the most common among them was fringes. If you want to upgrade your look, you should definitely follow this new trend of bangs. Fringes immediately change your look and bring out your best features, such as your cheekbones or eyes.



There are many options available in this hairstyle to suit every face shape and hair type. So, if you're thinking of chopping your hair, you can go for a long hairstyle with fringes, one of the easiest types of fringe. This style is an all-time classic and looks modern.

New York fashion week AW 2021 was all about the latest trends of 2021. There are many fashion and beauty tips that you can opt for and embrace in your own personal style. I'm sure these tips will definitely help your fashion sense to go to another level! Do not forget to check my next article where I will be sharing about one of the most hyped skincare ingredients Ceramides, so stay tuned!