5 Alternate Uses of Toner, No One Ever Told You

Do you feel confused about including toners in your skin regime? Well, the reason may be the lack of knowledge about toners and their benefits. A popular belief shows that toners are for oily skin, which is not entirely true. Any skin type can benefit from using toners every day. Besides, there are specific hacks and alternate uses of toner that will help your skin look smooth and younger.

Toners eliminate large pores and balance the skin affected by makeup products, sun, and pollution outside. There are several toners that have astringent properties to combat oily skin. You may choose from hydrating and moisturizing toners for sensitive and dry skin. A custom skincare regime is the key to manage specific skin types.

The key is to find the toner that works on your skin type without drying up the pores or filling them. Those who have oily skin should consider toners with witch hazel and tea tree oil. For dry skin, consider natural seaweed, aloe vera, and vitamin E toners. Read and learn here what toners really do to the skin and how they work with regular use.

Hacks and Alternate Uses of Toner

Freshen up your face

Your face may look puffy and dehydrated at times due to changing weather, lack of sleep, or inadequate diet. Moreover, these factors can make the skin appear dull and dark. The solution to these issues is the use of a refreshing toner at the start of the day before you put on any skincare and makeup.

A right toner will wake up your skin from within and freshen it up. Ingredients like seaweed, caffeine, and green tea help reduce the puffiness and redness of the skin. We recommend the Marine Balancing Toner by Mello Beauty, which is suitable for all skin types. This is the best toner for the face to reduce dark spots, red and bumpy skin.

Toners also help brighten your skin in the morning and calming it down at night after a long hectic day. If you are new to toners, you may DIY one with some rose water and aloe vera to understand the difference it creates in your skin appearance. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil to make the toner more potent.

Adjust your skin’s pH balance

As you cleanse your face even with the mildest cleanser, it may disrupt the skin's pH balance. This makes the skin more oily and acne-prone due to the excessive production of sebum. So, a toner will bring back the naturally balanced pH of the skin to reduce the extra oiliness.

You can restore the balance of your skin with a toner right after you wash your face. Avoid using the ones with alcohol, parabens, and fragrance in them. These ingredients may cause an allergic reaction and dry the skin even more. For people with oily skin, use toners with BHAs and apple cider vinegar to dry out acne and help them heal faster.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Toners have a thin consistency that penetrates the skin better. There are specific toners that hydrate the skin and prep it for other skincare products. Pick the ones that contain glycerin, aloe vera, honey, and jojoba oil to moisturize your skin.

Use these convenient toner hacks to layer it on your skin a few times if your skin is too dry. This will prevent your skin from flaking in harsh weather and colder climatic conditions. Don’t forget to top it up with a soothing and moisturizing serum.

Remove Makeup

One of the best alternative uses of toner is to use it as a makeup remover. It will break down even the heaviest wash proof makeup. You may remove your makeup first with an oil-based balm and wash it off. After this, follow it up with a cotton pad soaked in toner. You will be surprised to see how much makeup was still on your skin.

Shrink and clean your pores

Oily skin is more susceptible to have larger pores and trap more dirt and dirt inside. This may result in acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. These conditions are not desirable and may look bad under makeup. You can shrink down your pores with regular use of toner and achieve dreamy poreless skin.

One other hack is to use your toner at a cold temperature to shrink your pores even more. Moreover, you can rub an ice cube inside a paper towel to reduce the size of your pores and oil production. If you wonder how often use a toner and cold compressions, start doing it once a day and see the effects.

How to use the toner?

You can use a toner with a cotton ball or a pad with gentle motions on the skin. Let it dry before the application of any other products. You may also tap it on the skin for better absorption using the palm of your hands. Moreover, several toners come in a spray bottle for an easy application. You may also transfer the contents to a smaller spray bottle and carry it in your bag to freshen your skin whenever needed.

Other alternate uses of toner are to add it to your mud masks instead of using water. This will make the mask more effective and help in drawing out more toxins from the skin. Avoid using strong masks if your skin is sensitive or has some sun damage. You can wait for your skin to repair and then go ahead with such at-home treatments.

We have covered all the information you need on alternate uses of toner. With a regular application, toners will enhance the glow on your skin and smoothen the texture. In our next article, we’ll discuss why waxing at home is better than laser treatment.