4 Beauty Trends That Will Kick Off in 2019

4 Beauty Trends That Will Kick Off in 2019

With innovative indie brands born daily, non-stop product drops and an endless stream of trends taking over social media, the beauty industry thrives on newness - but among all the buzz some movements are more significant than others. This year, conversations around sustainability in the beauty industry boomed, while commitments to greater diversity and inclusion were cemented. So what’s next? Here are the TOP 4 biggest trends to have on your radar for 2019.

LED Light Facial

Since everyone is obsessed with skin care these days, celebrities are no longer the only ones who get to wear light-therapy masks and haunt the public’s dreams by Instagramming their LED selfies. There are now several regular-person versions available online, meaning anyone can harness the power of LED Light — usually of the blue (bacteria-killing) and red (collagen and elastin-stimulating) varieties — without a fancy dermatologist’s supervision. Try it now: Mello LED Light Therapy Mask.

Lash Lift

This year extensions were on the rise, and for next year it's looking to be all about lash lifts. The procedure still has mixed reviews—it requires "perming" your lashes so they stay curled, which needs to be done carefully by a pro. So according to Pinterest, women are searching for at-home solutions like castor oil to give their lashes a less intensive boost.

Baby Bangs

We were happy to see the return of ultra-flattering fringe bangs. They soften angles, frame the face expertly, and work on nearly every hair texture and style. What we weren’t so thrilled about was the rise in popularity of baby bangs—you know, those short little numbers that hit around mid-forehead? While we think they’re cute as a button on some, they can be awfully hard to pull off. Not to mention the grow-out period can be downright gruesome—we know from experience.

Standout Lips

Well, this one seems kind of obvious. When isn't bold lipstick in? And yet searches for "standout lip color" are still up 467 percent. Pinterest says women are particularly gravitating towards red—which, great news, we’ve got plenty of solid recommendations for. But if you want something a little cooler and more nuanced, try the looks from Brandon Maxwell's fall 2018 show. The trick? Tracing a fine golden line along the top of your Cupid's bow.