3 Expert Bikini Waxing Tricks That Our Editors Approve!

3 Expert Bikini Waxing Tricks That Our Editors Approve!

Still got that scare for a bikini wax? You may have some worries which is completely natural. Here we give you 3 expert bikini waxing tricks that can help you say good bye to that worry inside your head and get silky smooth for summer.

Tip #1: Get the right length.

When you worry about how effective waxing can be, it is basically up to your waxing expert, but it doesn't mean you won’t do your part. Make sure the hair on the area is of the right length for waxing. It is suggested you have it on 1/4 inches length. Shorter length might not allow wax to hold on to your hair as well. On the contrary, a longer length would be more painful to remove. So make sure you trim before going to the salon or waxing it yourself, and trim it on the right length.

Tip #2: Take pain killers.

Medicate! The pain associated with getting your follicles ripped out is a turn off to some people. And all though new generational waxes like Mello Wax pack much less-ouch than traditional waxing we have to be honest in saying that the bikini area is one of the more painful parts of the body. Most especially for first time waxers, so taking painkillers an hour to 30 mins before your session can go a long way!

Tip #3: Wax regularly.

If you want to say goodbye to uncomfortable experiences when waxing your bikini area, we suggest you do it regularly. What! Why? Because the more you maintain waxing the area, the thinner and more sparse the hairs will grow back. This means less pain (and maintenance) in the future. So once the hair grows back to the right length, you can go and have that next waxing session and enjoy a smooth bikini line for 4-6 weeks.

Still scared to take the plunge? Why not try these tricks and go get your waxing session. Happy waxing!