15 Cool Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas to Woo your Beau

15 Cool Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas to Woo your Beau

Honestly, the first thing I notice while talking to someone is the HANDS! And what's more disappointing than seeing untrimmed nails - chipped nail paint. Ugh!

Remember, how at school, our teachers would teach us about body language? Well, to be more attentive and involved in a conversation, we sure need to use gestures, and by that, I mean a little use of hands is super-duper necessary. Since Valentine's is just around the corner, I feel like I must introduce you to the different trendy nail art ideas to impress your significant other. And by that, I do not mean a red nail paint would do; uh-huh. Have a look at these 15 cool valentine's day nail art ideas and let your hands do all the talking!

#1. Lovey-Dovey

valentines day nail art

First things first, we know Valentine's Day is all about love and romance. So, here is the ultimate idea for the perfect nail art for valentine's day. Trust me; you can never to wrong with being too lovey-dovey on this day!

#2. White Valentine

valentines day nail art

White nail paint is so in these days. Your hands will surely get noticed and praised by everyone if you get your nails done like this.

#3. Glittery Pink

valentines day nail art

If you are someone who doesn't like getting too loud with colors and hates experimenting, this is one of the perfect Valentine's day nail art ideas. It looks soft and gentle yet chic and trendy.

If you want your hands to look even more beautiful on Valentine's Day, try Mello's Rose Quartz Roller. It enhances the circulation of blood and make sure your hands remain super soft.

#4. Color Bomb

valentines day nail art ideas

Can't decide which Valentine's day nail art design will suit you the best? Here is the perfect idea for you! Color Bomb has all the peppy funky colors which will go with anything you wear. The vibrant colors pop out in the most amazing way, making sure you stand out of the crowd.

#5. The Minimalist Artist

valentine’s day nail art designs

Not a fan of bright colors? Don't worry; with this perfect Valentine's Day beauty guide, you can choose dainty minimalist ideas to make your hands look even prettier. This beautiful pattern is not only soothing to the eyes but is also very unique at the same time.

#6. Cool Blue

valentine’s day beauty

A color that is as soothing as the waves of the sea - the Cool Blue nail art is inspired by water and sky. It looks beautiful and also makes up for the most amazing color idea for your nails. Try it and I ensure you will love it!

#7. Raw & Nude

valentine’s day beauty

Your hands are one of the most noticeable features in your body. This color will surely highlight your hands in the most subtle way. Not only this color looks amazing it also brings out the best of your feminine side. This Valentine's make sure you enhance your hands with this beautiful color.

#8. Flirty Turquoise

valentine’s day nail art designs

This idea is inspired by mix-and-match patterns. You can try this nail art design and experiment to see what suits you the best. The floral design and glitter add more to the final look and also make you look super-duper special.

#9. Classy Royal

valentine’s day beauty

Nails that make you stand out of the crowd are the perfect grab! The alluring purple-wine color teamed with a white base on one fingernail is truly the prettiest design for you.

#10. Gothic Art

valentine's day nail art

Bored with the plain soft hues, try something new! Well, that kinda rhymed. The Gothic Art design is uber-cool. You can try other patterns of your choice as well.

#11. Cherry White

valentine's day nail art

White marble-textured nail art with a pop of cherry red is perfect for that special Valentine's date night. This nail art design goes with every color which makes it the perfect idea to beautify your hands.

#12. Metallic Pink

valentine's day nail art

You are lucky if this color suits your complexion and style! I envy people who can carry this beautiful vibrant color with utmost grace since I can't. Metallic Pink Shade will add more shine to your already lit date-night!

#13. Maleficent

valentine's day nail art

Who says you can't go black on Valentine's day? Ditch the pretty pink or radiant red and go for an all-black matt look. It will surely add more character to your look and even impress your partner for such a bold look!

#14. Metallic Red

valentine's day nail art

A luscious metallic red color on your nails will grab the attention of every onlooker. Keep everything aside and let your nail paint and hands do all the talking.

#15. Golden Glam

valentines day nail art ideas

A golden shimmery color perfect to glam your night is what you need on this Valentine's Day! The bright yellow color will add warmth to your love life and make sure you glow throughout the night.

Add charm to your special date night with these beautiful Valentine's day nail art ideas. Make your mind and choose the one which you think will go with your outfit. Other than this, there are so many things that you need to prep for the big date night! Wait, wait, wait, I will share all the other details in the other blogs to come, so stay tuned!

Until then, you can look at some of the best beauty resolutions to make for this year!