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5 Reasons Why An At-Home Laser IPL Is Your Next Go-To Routine

5 Reasons Why An At-Home Laser IPL Is Your Next Go-To Routine

From LED light to laser light, who knew flashing a light bulb on your face could be beneficial for your skin? We’ve all heard about LED light therapy masks and it being used by supermodels before walking on runway shows.

Now, an IPL treatment has become a go-to thing for people wanting their body hairs removed for longer periods of time. If you want to minimize sun damage, fix your broken capillaries, remove birthmarks and remove body hairs, then an at-home IPL treatment is perfect for your skin care routine!

Still thinking about that IPL device you saw online? Allow us to give you 5 reasons why it’s the next best thing for your skin:

1. Silky smooth for longer. Like in treatments given at clinics and beauty parlors, an at-home IPL device promises the same effects of reducing hair growth. After an initial shave it puts your hair follicles to sleep, breaking the cycle of hair regrowth giving you 2-3 months of silky smooth and fantastic looking skin.

2. Fast & effective treatment. The glide mode makes larger areas a breeze, with your lower legs being treated in just 7 minutes. For those more precision areas such as your armpits you simply use the stamp mode to emit one flash of the IPL at a time.

3. Gentle, pain-less, safe. While some laser treatments may have a bit of a sting when you do it, not to mention the down time that it requires, our IPL handset emits a warm light sensation with no discomfort with an adjustable intensity for those extra sensitive areas 😉

4. Save big on salon trips. This is probably one of the best things about owning an IPL device at home. It can save you trips to the salon or derma clinics which can be used for other stuff such as a travel fund, a new handbag or whathaveyou. It doesn’t take long to feel the financial benefit of our Mello IPL handset.

5. An IPL device is so handy that you can literally keep this tiny thing anywhere, in your bag, on the table or your bathroom at your home. It won’t take enough space and guess what? Since it’s so handy, you can also bring it with you when you when work trips or a vacay calls.

Get silky smooth skin with Mello Wax’s very own IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset below:

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