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Why IPL Is Perfect For Your Hair Removal Needs

Why IPL Is Perfect For Your Hair Removal Needs

Nowadays, Laser Hair Removal and Intensed Pulse Light (IPL) are popular treatments to get rid of body hairs. These will enable you to neglect those razor and shaving cream. So, if you are fed up with shaving, then you should consider getting these treatments. When deciding for the treatments, you must consider your hair type and skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal is producing a single precise wavelength to kill the base of the hair follicles thus, it will go deeper to your skin. The laser’s machine will target a specific hair or area rather than a large group all at once.

However, IPL is a type of light therapy used to treat wrinkles, spots, and unwanted hair. It is using a strong light bulb instead of using a laser light source unlike Laser Hair Removal. Thus, it uses a broad spectrum high-intensity light that emits light at multiple wavelengths and covers a larger patches of hair. You can use IPL anywhere on your body. It is usually cheaper than laser treatments.


IPL is best for dark hair, because darker and thicker hair absorb the light a lot better so the results will show better. But, this will also work for those people with fairer skin. It is not as concentrated, thus it is highly effective way to get rid of body hairs. This treatment is less intense but still with impressive aftermath.

Usually, the treatments, will take between one and two weeks for the treated hair to fall out. The redness of the skin will be visible but not for a long time, it will only be temporary.  After going through these treatments, you’ll notice your skin becoming radiant, irresistibly soft and light. You won’t need to worry because your hair won’t grow back anymore. Also, you should be able to go back to your daily routines.

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