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How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ah, life.

There’s motherhood, a hubby to take care of, a career to prosper, and all the little things that just simply comes up out of nowhere. Who has the time to do everything, right? Your “me” time gets affected, and you just give up taking care of you. But since it’s 2018 and resolutions are part of an annual routine, make sure to add this to your list: improve your skincare habits.

Benefits of laser hair removal

As a busy woman, it’s a basic necessity to have it all together — including taking care of yourself. The most common dilemma women face when it comes to skincare and hair removal is having to deal with ingrown hairs. It’s a pesky one to deal with; ingrown hairs are caused by dead skin cells that block pores with hair follicles trying to grow out of it. And since pores are covered, follicles cannot protrude as they please causing hair growth underneath. So how does one deal with ingrown hairs right after waxing? Below, we share the tips and tricks:

Trick #1: Lightly exfoliate on the days leading up to the wax.
The best way to protect your skin? Exfoliate on a daily basis… especially days before you plan to have your at-home waxing sesh. Exfoliating is key to preventing ingrown hairs, try time it for the days leading up to avoid any tenderness on the day!

Trick #2: Get “cleaned” before hand.
We can’t stress this enough. Hygiene is essential, use a good loofah or washcloth that will help clear away any type of dirt and dead skin cells clogging your pores. Wash in luke-warm water with soap when you clean your skin before waxing it.

Trick #3: Technique (direction & speed).
Most women don’t know that “technique” gets the job done when waxing. Observe the direction of the wax pull from your skin. Is it the right way? It should be against the direction of hair growth and removed as close to the skin as possible (not away from it) while your other hand stretches the nearby area “taut”.. and you need to do it quickly too! When you perfect the technique, you will prevent your skin from having ingrown hair problems.

Trick #4: Moisturise post waxing sesh.
Of course, right after waxing, inflammation, itching or burning rash on the skin might be possible depending on your skin type. There are products that help reduce these instances, but moisturising before and after waxing is the way to go. Moisturising post your waxing sesh also reduces ingrown hair growth.

Never let a busy lifestyle hinder you from taking care of your skin! We’ve also talked about the benefits of waxing your peach fuzz… so go, girl! Do your thang. These tips will definitely improve your skincare and waxing routine.

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